Verger St-François
Verger St-François
Verger St-François

Verger St-François

Direct farm sales
1055, Grand rang Saint-François
Saint-Pie, Québec
J0H 1W0

From the end of August, the orchard comes alive. Our many varieties of apples follow one another in turn.

Our succulent blue plums, Mont Royal, and our Beauté Flamande pears, steal the show when the time comes. The autumnal scent added to the flavors of the land.

All our products are handcrafted, extracting only the best from our fruits. Apple butters, juices, jams and homemade pies are there for the pleasure of your palate.

For the 2020 season, we invite you to come and collect the apples already picked and the processed products directly from the orchard store. Due to the pandemic, there is no picking by your own this season and the availability of processed products differs from the usual supply.

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