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Gifts for everyone!

We may give presents to others to make them happy, but let’s be honest: picking out a gift with care for someone we love is also part of the fun! Giving something we would like to receive ourselves or even the anticipation of the other person’s reaction when they’ll see it is probably why we feel this intense satisfaction as much when we are giving as when we are receiving. Whatever the actual value, it is the thought that counts. The gift becomes a visible and tangible sign of affection for the person it is given. Thus, it’s not surprising to see how popular of a tradition it has become during the Holidays!

Did you know that the region of greater Saint-Hyacinthe is filled with the best shopping spots to find everything on your list and even some awesome finds you might not have thought about! Talk about sprinkling joy for the season. Here are our team’s picks.

Photo : La Rivest – Créatrice d’image

Treat yourself

For gourmands, improvised chefs or hosts, nothing is better than a tasty gift!

To find all of the gourmet products you are looking for or even to find new ingredients for your classic holiday recipes, our region provides everything you need with its great variety of farmers, processors and specialised boutiques. And who could forget our public market, covered in its magnificent copper roofing and its stalls filled with freshness!

Why not go visit Les Passions de Manon, a gourmet shop which will satisfy all foodies with its great selection of olive oils, vinegars and spices. Finally, for the sugar-lovers, Produits de l’érable 4 saisons offers, as its name indicates, year-round maple products and the chocolates at La Gourmandine are to die for.

We also invite you to our Tourist Information Centre, ICI ST-H, which offers a showcase for local produce. Pro tip: we also offer gift-wrapping. 

Do not miss the Saint-Hyacinthe Christmas Market, which will take place at our public market on December 14th and 15th 2019. More than 25 vendors will be meeting up for the occasion. 

Photo : La Rivest – Créatrice d’image

Local drinks

Whether it’s to accompany hors-d’oeuvres, to be given to a connoisseur or for a toast with friends, you will find what you need at the Station Agro-Biotech, a shop and production space regrouping four different drink companies under the same roof: Noroi distillery, Fixi Kombucha, Le Bilboquet and Olten (both microbreweries). 

You will also find many original thematic beers (festive, tea-infused, gluten-free, etc.) in another of our microbreweries, Brasseurs du Monde. Why not also try our local winery, Vignoble Château Fontaine, a prizewinning winemaker.

Photo : La Rivest – Créatrice d’image

Art of the table

Would you like your cooking utensils to be well-designed as much as they are practical? Look no further than L’Univers de la cuisine or even Picard, l’apanage du vin for the apprenti-sommelier. There, you will find a lot of tools and unique objects that will be the envy of all of the guests gathering around your Christmas table. What a talking point!

Photo : L’Univers de la cuisine

For the small ones

If you have nice kids on your list, Santa Claus will fill them with joy by bringing them the most beautiful toys you’ve ever seen, by courtesy of Raoul Chagnon, the toy, game and bicycle specialist. Why not also stop by Buropro Citation? You’ll find even more toys, art material and books.

For a memorable experience, give them a day out at EKÇA Saute, an indoor recreation center where they will be able to jump and move as they like. On top of that, add some candy from Kandju, in the M Rendez-Vous Marchands shopping centre, and they’ll be jumping again, from joy this time. Ideal for the stockings!

Photo : Boutique Raoul Chagnon

Christmas teenage-style

The magic of Christmas doesn’t end when you get older: unwrapping presents is always a thrill, even for the teens. With a gift-card from their favourite retailer, they’ll find their Holiday spirit in no time. How about our boardshops, Phenom and Escapade, where they’ll find the best snowboarding equipment or even the latest fashion trends. Our indoor recreation centers such as Laser-Jeux, l’Emprise – Aventures Immersives (an escape room) or L’Emprise – Resto-Pub ludique (a board game restaurant and bar) will let them have the time of their lives amongst friends or even family. For a bit of “decor” in their room, Cactus Fleuri offers a great selection of cacti and succulents. Ûzage, on the other hand, will satisfy the nature-lovers with their reusable pouches for lunches or their products aiming to reduce single-use plastic. 

Another great idea: gift-checks from one of our commercial areas: the Saint-Hyacinthe downtown, M Rendez-vous marchands or the Galeries Saint-Hyacinthe. They’ll surely find something they love during that day out shopping.

Photo : Phenom Boardshop

Music and a good book

For the artists and music-lovers, why not offer a pair of tickets to a show at the Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde or even Le Zaricot? They’ll even be spending a nice evening with a loved one. Who knows, maybe it will be you?

For the nostalgics who miss buying their music in an actual brick-and-mortar shop, Fréquences le disquaire, in our downtown area, and Le Marché du Disque, in our mall, are perfect places to do just that.

No inspiration? Head over to L’Intrigue, a bookstore where you will be sure to find something pleasing for everyone. Whether they like cars, cooking, biographies or novels, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Photo : Fréquence Le Disquaire

For those who have everything

Surprise the people you know who seem to already own everything by giving them an unforgettable experience. What about making them discover our region from above? Impressive, isn’t it? Two local businesses offer this service: l’Académie de l’Aviation de Saint-Hyacinthe offers plane trips while Aviation Rou-Air suggests a trip in one of their motorized ultralights. This gift is quite a tease however, as they’ll have to wait for nicer weather to truly enjoy it!

Photo : Aviation Rou-Air

And another thing…

If you want to add a unique touch to your holiday decor or to treat the person you’ve picked in that gift exchange, why not visit our downtown area? The many specialized boutiques are sure to give you plenty of ideas.

For example, when visiting Maison Gustave, you will discover a shop mixing both antiques and art items. Their current theme is “Vintage Christmas”. Mimosa fleurs et cadeaux is another great boutique to find gift ideas such as, of course, flowers, but also jewelry, stuff for the kids and decoration items all of it in a breathtaking environment. Amandine is also filled with great ideas, mostly cooking accessories, jewelry, perfume and even fine chocolate!

Photo : Mimosa fleurs et cadeaux

With all of those suggestions, we are sure your christmas tree will be surrounded by the nicest gifts you have ever picked, filling the hearts of the people you love with joy (and yours, too!)

Best wishes for the Holidays.

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